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Hello and Welcome!

This blog serves as a journal and a log of solutions to problems I come across during the daily grind of work or my leisure time. Most commonly, this will be computer- or tech-related problems. Since I study Statistics, the point of application will most likely be the R programming language and software environment for statistical computing as well as the typesetting markup language LaTeX, but sometimes even problems I stumble upon enroute, like OSX, Linux or other tech- or math-related stuff and soon maybe cars as well. I also spend a great deal of time twiddling with the correct typesetting or ways and means of literature management and correct referencing.

Those all are solutions to problems, which you tend to forget fairly quickly. With this Blog in existence there will be no more forgetfulness. Also it seemed quite sensible to share my insights with the rest of the world, since I myself would’ve been very happy about any post in the blogosphere, which would result in me not having to figure out all of the stuff myself. Let’s make the world a smarter place and the internet a bit fuller of tutorials and how-tos, which replace one’s own research, is what I thought.

About myself: I live in Germany and are currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Statistics.


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